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Why provoking change matters to you

Your organization needs to change to survive. It may not realize that drastic change is needed. Someone has to provoke that change. Or it may realize that it is heading for bankruptcy, and go into panic mode, changing its logo and redesigning its website, instead of making the changes that are needed. Again, real change needs provoking.

Real change is always provoked by individuals with a vision – people like you. This vision can then be taken forward by teams and change managers.  

If your organization is to survive, it must cultivate the individuals with a vision; it must train them to provoke change.

 My keynote speech

I will show you that it is people just like you that provoke the big changes in organizations.  It is not necessary to have authority, networks, political pull or institutional support - though they do help. I show you how I got a government to do a U-turn on policy without them. See my book.

Training programmes

I use my own experience, as a consultant whose job it is to provoke change, to show how it is done. I show you how you can apply the professional skills you already have to this new task. And I show you some new skills.

The result? A far more effective manager. Someone who can make change happen.

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Peter Griffiths

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Peter Griffiths             

“It went down extremely well. There were some great comments after your presentation about how it really made people think differently.”

“Excellent and thought provoking presentation. I can recommend Peter as a speaker to any of you.

“Inspiring – passion and belief.”

“One of the best Café Diplos we have organized.”

 Long after the talk the audience were still sitting around discussing how they themselves could make a difference. Anyone than can motivate company directors in that way is well worth listening too." 

“fascinating insight and great wit”

“Your talk was moving and inspiring as well as motivational.”

“I was very impressed: I have already asked our secretaries to arrange for you to speak here.”

“Wonderful anecdotes from the personal experience of a consultant surviving in politically volatile environments”

“I received nothing but positive feedback from those present”


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