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The Economistís Tale by Peter Griffiths 

"The economist had a choice: to speak against the actions of his employer, the World Bank, and prevent a Famine in Sierra Leone - or be silent and save his career. Peter Griffiths tells what he did"
The Observer  Click here to see story
[followed by a full page story of how Peter Griffiths got a Government to do a U-turn on a major policy]

"With vivid observation and a pace of action that is maintained by its diary format, Griffith is compulsory reading for anybody studying economics, management, marketing or business." Weekly Telegraph

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I have recommended it to all my friends and I am assigning it to my journalism students at Columbia University this Fall.  .  . I found your book incredibly compelling and interesting. Anya Schiffrin  Columbia University

"I have been reading 'The Economist's Tale'. I won't say with enormous enjoyment (that's hardly appropriate to its substance) but with very great admiration and gratitude.  I had recently read Stiglitz's 'Globalization and its Discontents' But the narrative style of your tale gets much of its point home far more powerfully to the untrained reader. It brings home the issues much more effectively and memorably than more rhetorical writing about corruption or IMF policy"
Maurice Wiles, Regius Professor of Divinity, Emeritus, Oxford

This book is highly readable. It presents economics in practice while also highlighting the constraints that consultants face on the ground. It is passionately written and backed up by knowledge and experience.
New Agriculturist

 I couldn't put it down. It was absolutely fascinating, and horrifying, and closely observed, and really well written, and all sorts of good things. And as an extra bonus, it gives you a vivid sense of the incredible problems facing any attempt to foster economic development in miserably poor countries. Obsidian Wings  http://obsidianwings.blogs.com

The Economistís Tale Ė A Consultant encounters hunger and the World Bank

Peter Griffiths 

(Zed Books London)



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