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The Economistís Tale by Peter Griffiths

"I must have told 50 people about your book if I told one!" 
William Robertson  BDQ International Ltd,  London, San Francisco

I just finished reading your book and wanted to thank you -- I found it a little masterpiece, I don't know when I last read a nonfiction work that combined such a keen eye and fluent tongue with such a wealth of useful information.
Jeremy Osner  CIBC World Markets New York NY

"it makes compelling reading , I strongly feel that Peter's book is a must. Yes, ... it is that good."
Colin Ong, Managing Director MR = MC Consulting Company, Singapore

'The Economist's Tale  brings economics alive. It should be compulsory reading for anybody studying economics, management, marketing, or business.'  David Needham, best-selling author of Business Studies and many other related titles

Anybody Who Cares Should Read This.
An excellent, excellent book in several ways. Anybody who cares - about society - conservative, moderate, or liberal should read this. All economists, political scientists, politicians, and students of these fields should read this book carefully.

Andrew Saporoschenko  Chapman University - The George L. Argyros School of Business & Economics

The Economist's Tale in places reads like a thriller, with a hero in a frantic race against time to stop a killer, and with a plot woven by tales of corruption, greed and dishonesty. But this is not a work of fiction.
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The Economistís Tale Ė A Consultant encounters hunger and the World Bank

Peter Griffiths 

(Zed Books London)

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