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Peter Griffiths "The Economist's Tale" inspirational motivational professional speaker

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Why Fairtrade isn't Fair

Ethical, legal and practical objections to Fairtrade. Written by someone with many years of experience of marketing in the Third World. Someone who has doubled or quadrupled the cash income of millions of farmers.


My book shows how I prevented a famine

I got a government to do a U-turn on policy, as an outsider with no networks, no authority, no political pull, no institutional support. Read how I did it

“compelling … revealing …committed …  Sparkling"  The Economist



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Dr Peter Griffiths is an internationally known marketing economist.

“compelling … revealing …committed …  Sparkling"  The Economist

“El Economista Furioso”

El Mondo (Madrid)

“It should be compulsory reading for anybody studying economics, management, marketing,  or business.”

David Needham, author of Business Studies and other best selling business books.



Why Fairtrade isn't fair

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